Your true calling is more exciting and more lucrative than any sport or performing art. Within every man and woman lies the seeds of greatness. Professional athletes have the desire, the discipline, and the drive to achieve success. They just need the tools to apply their talent and training to the game of business.

Your mind was programmed in school to play a game you didn’t create. When you find the life-game that comes from your heart, you are in a league of your own. In your own field, you are in control of your destiny. You write the rules for a game that earns both respect and income.

Humans are hardwired for success. We get there as a team. NexStep© is an online weekly design team in which teammates assist one another to create lean start-ups. You earn as you learn. We have a playbook, but you don't learn by studying. We learn by doing. Short-term projects are designed for fun. You get paid for doing what you love with people who appreciate you.  Long-term projects can earn a good living, or even bring big success.

Positive feedback reveals your hidden talents. Then we all combine our puzzle pieces to create pilot projects to recruit teams and run practice sessions together.  Alone, we flounder. Together we make progress — one step at a time. Your authentic desires create new business models and innovative experiences for your clients.

You master business skills the same way you learn to execute plays -- with instruction and repetition. Reaching financial goals is hard, so we play hard. Once you get the rhythm of the game, you will be a professional player in the game of business.

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