The Art of Communication from the Series: The Art of Beauty

March 21, 2020 at 12PM – 8PM

Communication builds bridges of understanding between human beings. Having a true connection in personal and professional relationships facilitates harmony, which leads to peace of mind and prosperity.

Unfortunately, too often communication between men and women breaks down, leaving both sexes angry, frustrated and hurt. We get focused on the strong feelings from the words and actions of our partners, friends, colleagues and even our own children. Harsh and accusatory words break down our connections with the most important people in our lives, which leads to broken marriages and stalls in our business and careers, because we get locked in the Cycle of Conflict.

In our Art of Communication section of the Art of Beauty series, we give you the communication tools to help build vibrant connections with the people in your lives. You will learn how to identify when you get into the Conflict Cycle, what state you are in and how to break free from it. This will give you space to utilize the new language with your mate, win trust with you business associates and clients, and protect the aliveness of your children.

In this workshop you will learn how to notice the protective nature of men and learn to win that warrior nature over to your side. You will also bond deeply with other curious women who are equally committed to unraveling the knots that can occur between people, especially opposite genders. This workshop employs enlightening conversations together with exciting role-play to reveal the breakdowns in your communication. Participants laugh, cry, and pour their hearts into the process of achieving fulfillment with men.

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