What Is Your Biggest Business Headache?

Whatever answer you provide, you are not the only one with it. Every business is like a human being. It is conceived as an idea, then born into existence in the form of a baby. It goes through the same lifecycles; being a toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult, elder and then life comes to an end. Just as humans, businesses cannot survive on their own during the first few stages of life, they require to be a part of a society or in business terms – they need a village or a TEAM.

Unfortunately, some of the basic knowledge we get out of our traditional schooling system says that we can be independent, or “lone wolves”, and wear many different hats. Most of us who have started our own business journey started as solo entrepreneurs with a great idea! We tried to be our own accountant, lawyer, secretary, salesperson, marketing agency and so on. Although all that was possible, we found ourselves very soon at a point of burn-out. This burn-out had a negative impact on our productivity, our efficiency, our revenue and even our families! According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, almost 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years of existence due to 3 main reasons: 1) no market need 2) lack of capital and 3) poor management.

Here is great news! All of this is can be avoided with the right guidance, coaching and training. Just as we learn to care for a baby, you can rely on yourself and learn by making mistakes, or you can rely on the guidance of other parents which will tell you all their mistakes. Or…you can work with the professionals who have studied a child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development. With that guidance you can strive to raise a child with the best tools for a successful life.

Studies show that children who have been exposed to high quality childhood education do much better in their personal and professional lives as adults. How does this translate into the business world, you ask? You can run the business on your own and learn from your own mistakes, you can ask others or “google” it, or…you can work with experts who can provide you with the right tools and trainings to make sure you prepare your business for a successful adulthood.

This is where we can help you. We ARE your Team of experts! Our Team consists of specialists in each lifecycle of the business, starting with conception of the idea and progressing through each stage, all the way to creating an exit strategy. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Our Team is spread across 3 continents and speaks more than 5 languages.