Who should I hire as my coach?

Every successful individual you know has a coach or a mentor, or a number of each! How do we know? Well, go back into the core of humanity – people just do not succeed alone! (It’s important to properly interpret the word “succeed” here – reached the goal you thought you would never reach)

How many Olympic athletes do you know that did it on their own? How many billionaires do you know that reached their success on their own?  The examples are endless.

As we, the society, are finally getting into understanding the importance of having a coach in our lives (the need for someone by our side to help reach our goals), most people are puzzled with the question of,  “Who should I hire to be my coach?”.

A relationship coach was the first type I hired! That was over 2 years ago, and I have not gone a day without access to a coach since then. Why? Because I was able not only to save my marriage (which after 5 months in counseling seemed impossible), but created harmony in my home and in my business. The outcome was peace of mind and prosperity in business. What many find interesting is that my relationship coach was single, recently separated from her man, and her family was a wreck when I hired her! Why the heck would you hire her? (was the question most people asked!)

Her personal life did not matter to me because I made my decision based on the following:

  • She showed up in my life at the time when I needed her the most. I used to think that she showed up out of nowhere, but now I know better than that!
  • Her personality matched mine. She stimulated my brain by asking me questions and providing feedback that was harsh enough to wake me up. Had she backed up when I pushed back, I would not be where I am today.
  • She wanted nothing from me, except she truly liked me as a person and wanted the best for me. She was the first person who said, “Listen, I don’t understand, you both are amazing people in your own ways. I just don’t get why you are fighting.” This sounded much different than most of my girlfriends, who said, “Yeah, you are right, he is not for you! You are just way too different.”
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, she did not succeed in this task because she was alone – so she was dedicated to become the best relationship coach! I could feel it in my heart – don’t ask me how…!

This is just one type of coaching! What else is out there, you ask? It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish in your life.

Business coach – Are you trying to grow your business, or specific parts of your business?

Dating coach – Are you trying to succeed in online dating?

Fitness and Health coach – Are you trying to lose weight, or live a more healthy lifestyle?

Fashion coach – Do you need fashion help?

Career or Sales coach – Are you trying be the best in your department?

And FINALLY, to the answer:

Who in the world should I hire, and how do I know they are the right coach?

Things to consider:

  1. Why did they become a coach? (ask them and see if their answer resonates with what you are trying to accomplish)
  2. Do you LIKE them? Are they someone you want to see at least once a week? Do you like their values in life? Can you feel the goodness in their heart?
  3. What kind of things drive them? Did they fail and made this their mission? Did they succeed and want to make it their mission? Why do they want to work with you?
  4. Who introduced you to them? Ask that person why do you think they will be a good fit?
  5. My favorite: If they ask you to consider them your coach, run!!! It has sound more like: I should be your coach! To clarify – they need to feel that they are the best coach for you, or refer you to someone they know who matches your personality and needs.

Things not to consider:

  1. Are they certified? – sorry but WHO CARES? You can be the most certified doctor but suck at what you do!
  2. How many success stories do you have? – again WHO CARES? Maybe the people who hired them were NOT motivated enough. And, despite the fact that most people say it is the coach’s job to motivate you, no one can motivate you but yourself. The coach is there to keep you on track with your own promise to yourself!

Once you have made all these considerations, ask the people in your business and family network. Make sure you trust those people with the recommendation. And remember, you do not need to compare their offers like you compare offers of a new roof installation – It just does not work like that! If you like them, you are ready to move your butt and they are willing to take you on as a client – they are the right fit!

 AND NO!!! Google search is NOT your network and will not give you a recommendation that is tailored to your needs.