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The Power of Partnership

I once read a story of Belgian Draft horses that were used for pulling very heavy materials, such as concrete and machinery in the old times. What fascinated me was the difference between the amount of workload that the horses could pull depending on whether they worked alone or in tandem.

One such horse was able to pull up to 8,000 pounds of weight. And logically, two horses riding in tandem should have been able to pull 16,000 pounds of weight. However, it turns out that the amount they were able to pull is 3 times that of one horse, around 24,000 pounds. This alone shows us the power of partnership and teamwork.

More impressive than that is the fact that if the horses were trained together and pulled alongside each other, their capacity increased to 32,000 pounds, which is 4 times the amount one horse can pull.

This metaphor can be easily applied to the world of business. As your business is working in your area of expertise, our team helps you find others who will match your effort and help you take on 4 times the amount you are currently capable of.


What our clients say...

5 / 5

MWM Systems is a wonderful addition to any team looking for the next level! They are skilled at creating partnerships, and they bring a team that can make things happen. They have helped us form several valuable relationships, and continually bring their positive energy to support our mission.

Danielle Berman, DB Consulting
5 / 5

I have worked with MWM on several events requiring extensive planning, difficult logistics and a wide network of participants. In every instance, they have been professional and easy to work with, and they always keep the program running properly. They bring great expertise and are truly fun to work with!

Randall Reade, DC ArchAngels
5 / 5

MWM Systems has been an asset to the NFLPA Washington DC Former Players Chapter as a consultant, advisor and visionary. MWM brings a positive attitude, and they go the extra mile to bring out the best in their clients. They are good listeners and solve problems  with intelligence and care.

Ricky Ray, NFL Former Players DC